A Home For My Heart

I found a place where my heart can finally land

I am tender

I am broken

Be patient while God places me carefully in your hand

He will bless you and gently restore me

Rest my love

Welcome me with open arms into the promise land

Don’t doubt

I am yours

All of those lost years will fully be restored

Now that I have laid eyes on you, I can love you

In God all things are done well

You have been patient

You can now drink from the well

Let everything flow from within

Release your love

We will be made perfect in him

We have both waited for a love that will be true

Together we will rule the land

Yes, me and you

God will now release his power

It’s time

We have work to do!

I believe the saying goes there is a time and a place for everything. This is true with love and relationships. Some things must run its course before they are ready. Patience is key! This must be utilized to avoid costly mistakes. Love is beautiful and it has many facets. It is not something that will fade away, it’s beauty will always be desired. We must change the way we approach it and think about it; it could be our greatest blessing or our biggest downfall. Wherever you find yourself today, know that love will find you.


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