I let him in

He knocked

I let him in

My heart wanted him to be more than a friend

Little did I know

What would take place in this journey

My happiness

Yes it ended way too early

This time I have to deal with this on my own

They are no distractions

I have to live with the pain we created

And this one I will have to own

Life teaches that nothing is fair

The good get treated badly

While the bad laugh at their despair

I’m hurting

I can’t reach out

There’s no replacement

No one is there

Darkness laughs

And welcomes me back home

With an empty grin

It’s says “You never should have tried this

Especially not on your own”

“You shall suffer”

I replied, “How Long”

It said, “I can’t say, time is not something that I own.

For the first time in a long time

I have to let it hurt

Soon it will end

Next time I will be very careful

Of who I let in…

-Ariston CM

It is very important to guard your heart. Men and women alike. Only God knows the true intention of a person’s heart and we have to trust him to reveal their motives. This does not mean to walk around paranoid and not trusting others, but to be aware. Sometimes we are blindside and yet other times we choose to ignore the obvious. Why? Perhaps the fear of being alone. Or could it be not knowing what’s to come. Whatever the case may be, it lies in our value and what we think of ourselves. We have to love and value ourselves enough to protect. Even if it means the possibility of being alone.



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