“This Blunt”

When I smoke this blunt it will be my last

I will laugh and reminisce on all the fun we had

We used to stay up and burn till the early morn

You made me forget about my problems

And how I was torn

You erased everything I faced

With you I’m perfect

No judgement takes place

I’m never held accountable for my action Because you keep me in a happy place

What kind of man am I

That I constantly seek to escape

I inhale that aroma

And the smoke hides my face

No pressure no worries

I’m the the man you say

Chill “wit” me

I will have you “feelin” good everyday

Don’t worry about the world and what’s taking Place

Choke on those dreams you better off with me Anyway

Yo girl

I don’t care what she say

She either “wit” it

Or she can go on her way

It’s you and me kid

This the only way to live

I want all of you

Everything you have to give

I hear what you got to say

I can live in an alternate reality

On cloud 9 everyday

Do I want to risk it all

Such a high price to pay

We turnt up and stayed out the way

Thank you for the good times

You have to be replaced

It’s time I be man

And go on my way

I’m sorry my dude

You “C’aint” go

You “gotta” stay

I am so confused as to why I wrote this I do not smoke marijuana, but it was very intriguing and it spoke to me LOL. Some say it’s very soothing and it helps them perform better. With it being legalized in a lot of places, people are embracing it as a lifestyle. I don’t know, but I know people on both ends of the spectrum. Some are helped by it and some are seriously hurt by it. At the end of the day it is a personal choice, one that should align with one’s moral. As for me writing about it gave me such a high that I don’t need to try it…


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