Broken Souls

He was broken

No matter how hard I tried

My love could not fix him

I watched him deteriorate



His love was pure

Something unexplainable

Something to behold

I stared deep into his eyes

And got a glimpse of his dead soul

It was wrapped in perfection

Sprinkle with gold

The pain was unbearable

I want so badly to soothe his naked soul

I was his peace

He was blind

He could not see

All of the value

The Beauty

And healing

That God had for him

Strategically placed inside of me

As time goes on

I will pray for his soul

That he will let someone love him

So this same story

Won’t have to be retold

-Ariston CM

I believe all encounters happen for reason. We do not know why God allow people to enter our life. I believe that we have an obligation whether it is to bring joy, correction or some type of fulfillment. No meeting of two souls are by coincidence. I do believe that people come into our life for a specific purpose and sometimes we pervert that purpose by our own selfish desires.

I for one am very guilty of this. We fail to take notice of our ever-growing energies within and allow it to control our actions. Sometime this is a good, often times the end result is bad and sometimes very painful. One thing is for certain, if God has given you a specific person with a purpose and it’s not fulfilled; I believe it comes around full circle and we get another chance. This is how many lessons in life work. We make a mistake and we learn from. Sometimes it takes two or three times before we understand. Once we do, we are able to advance to the next level. This is how growth and development takes place.

Disappointment is a part of our journey. It’s a good teaching tool, but we have to be ready to embrace it, learn from it and allow it to shape us. Enjoy your journey from the outside in. It’s making you a better person, you just have to look for the good. May you be enlightened on this day.


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