Today I woke up without him

Things won’t be the same

He did so much good

But the end result was pain

I thought he was my future

I was finally at rest 

I depended on him

To bring out my very best 

I loved him with everything I had

He was my my world

He was the best I ever had 

I stand here broken hearted

I wonder does that make him laugh

Silly me

To think someone like him

Would ever love someone like me

I have a higher purpose

Love I will have to learn to do without

Maybe I’m underserving

Maybe the heavens don’t care about my pain

Today I woke up without him

Things will never be the same

-Ariston CM

There comes a point in your life where you have to take charge. You can no longer allow those who have hurt you to continue. It may not be that one particular person, but it may be the same hurt in the form of another person. You deserve better, you deserve so much more. I know the world can be a lonely place without love, but how long will you bathe in pain before you realize it’s not love. There are so many other opportunities waiting on the other side of what you think you want. You owe it to yourself to begin to live anew! You may find that what you thought you wanted, you now don’t want so bad. Challenge yourself today, make important changes stick with them even if it’s only a short term goal. You never know what will happen if you do things differently. You just may end up with a different result. It’s time to think about you for a change. Everything will still be here when you get back from taking care of you, I promise. My hopes are things will be much better.


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