Stop Blaming God

“Stop Blaming God”

Proverbs 20:24 “A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?”

I write to you, not claiming to know everything, but to share my experiences in life so that you will learn from them. As I reflected on my life, I am shocked to find out that I had been blaming God for so many mishaps in my life. The hurt and pain that I experienced was immense. Of course, I questioned God as to why he would allow several things to tear my life apart. As I was driving one day, it hit me. I was overcome by the different events that took place in my life and to my dismay 65% of my pain was caused by my disobedience and poor decision making. I created so many situations that set me up for failure. For the past year I had been reflecting, trying to figure out how I ended up where I am in life. In many cases God warned me and I didn’t listen. Maybe it was the fear of not knowing if it was God or my conscience. Perhaps I thought I knew what was best and refused to see the bad in the situation. Or could it be I wanted what I wanted and no one could tell me anything. Whatever the reasons, it left me wounded and in a place that I didn’t have to be in.

It is important to understand that God does allow things to happen. That does not mean he is in those terrible acts such as molestation, terrorism, murder and the list goes on. It’s not fair, but we cannot control the behavior of others because God gives us free will. This is a delicate subject something we may never understand. This may be where the remaining 40% of my pain came from. It is very hard not to blame God in these instances. However, I have gained so much even from the things that hurt the most that I don’t understand. It helps me to help others and to be more cautious about who I allow in my life. That doesn’t necessary erase the pain, but it gives me the hope that my experiences weren’t in vain.


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