My Tattoo


Recently I got a tattoo on my ribcage. I got this to remind me that the Lord has the final say in my life and that he is the one that’s going to bless me. He is the one that has a plan for me and I can rest comfortably in it. While I didn’t have to get a tattoo to remind me, it was the process and constant visual that was so important. So many times we want to fix our lives, we want.. what we want. Unfortunately, we want it right now and I’ve been guilty of it over and over again. I went and got a tattoo of a portion of my favorite scripture, Jeremiah 29:11. I just have the words “For I know the plans I have for you” and then I have a key in the middle. I’m a big baby when it comes to tattoos, this is my second and it’s probably going to be my last. It hurt so badly. This time the guy was able to use a numbing cream on the tattoo so that helped a little bit. While I was getting the tattoo, the only thing that I could think of, is this is permanently stamped on me and it’s sealing God’s promise to me. I’m certain most will disagree with this and my decision to get a tattoo as a symbolism from God. We can’t box him in and while we think we know him, our knowledge is limited and we can’t comprehend his ways. For me, I needed this…  While I was getting the tattoo, I was thinking about my journey.

The “key” portion of the tattoo was the most painful… But it had a strong story behind it.

I felt years ago, that the Lord had given me the keys to the world. Whatever I found to do good, he would bless. Of course, it has to be something good that would enhance his kingdom and his people. I felt that he gave me the keys and said, “Go into the world to find good work for your hands to do and I’m going to bless it”. I’m a firm believer of his promise and what he has given me. I will try my best to strive towards it. While I was getting the key, it was the most painful part of the tattoo. All I could think about was the Lord gave me the keys to the world…

I asked myself, “Do you think that God’s going to give you keys at no cost? Do you think that you’re not going to have to go through pain, that you’re not going to have to suffer and that you’re not going to have to endure anything?”

When I began to think of that, with every stroke I just said, “Yes Lord” and tears began to fill my eyes, because I thought of the things I would have to go through. I knew the blessing would be worth it. Was it painful, absolutely! It took over two hours, it was agony and it felt like centuries. This is how we feel when we’re waiting on God. As I reflected on some of the situations in my life, it has taken him forever and I waited. I had no choice because it already started and I couldn’t go back. Now I had the same situation with this tattoo. I had to go through it unless I wanted an unfinished tattoo. That is true of life. Unless you want an unfinished life, you have to go through those tough situations. I just thank God that I was able to find some solace in all of the pain. When I look at my tattoo today and I see how beautiful it is, I’m so happy with it. It was well worth it and I would go through that pain all over again. I think that’s the attitude that we must have while we are going through dark places in life. When encountering situations, I believe that we have to be smart and make good decisions. We have to be mindful and go through things knowing that God has a plan for us, regardless of where we find ourselves. We have to learn to rest in him. Much peace and blessings to you!


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