This past week I had the chance to vacation in the mountains. It was very serene, but also left a lot of open time for me to think…..  Think about life, think about everything up until now. It wasn’t something that I necessarily wanted to entertain at that moment, but with all the quiet and serenity; I had no choice.  I thought about my life. While I am thankful for everything that I’ve gone through up until now, to make me who I am; it is still a very daunting process to be the person that I need to be. It’s easy for me to complain and I do, but I understand that complaining is not going to allow me to become the person that I need to be. At this very moment, I am frustrated, I am fed up with life and I am tired of everything going wrong. Why, because there’s so many things that I know should be going right. I am inclined to continue moving forward, despite the things that I go through. I’ve been through multiple things before, but sometimes you have to ask yourself the question, when is enough, enough? For me I’ve had enough, I’m not going to say I’m at my wits end, but I’m very close. Something has to change in my life because they is so much greatness in store for me, if I could only hold on. This is true of you as well.

I’ve been holding on for many, many years and I am very tired.  I find comfort in knowing that God has taken care of me and that he’s going to continue to take care of me. In spite of all the challenges that I face He is still near. For me, I have the same things that recycle themselves. Its a challenge being an entrepreneur, a single mom and being everything to everybody (this is def a no no). Just doing all of the things that I do is exhausting and its hard when you’re doing all these things by yourself. It’s very difficult at times and I don’t allow it to stop me, but I allow it to teach me. Teach me who I need to be and what things need to be done. One of the things I can do is complain, cry and stay stagnant, but that’s going to cost me and I’m not sure how much! If I stay stagnant and don’t grow, that’s going to allow everything that I’m going through to multiply times ten. I keep moving forward knowing that things will change one day for me and even if they don’t, I have the reassurance that I gave it my best and my faith didn’t waiver.

I am very optimistic. The way you think has a lot to do with your success and the things that you can accomplish. If you have a negative mindset it really does damage who you are and it strongly determines your outcome. It can cause you to deteriorate slowly. I always err on the side of being positive regardless of the present situation. When things don’t work the way they should or like I want, that doesn’t stop me from having faith or having hope. I just continue to have it regardless. In order to keep your mind healthy, you have to practice positive thoughts and actions often. Below are a few things to get you started.

Getting up every morning with a positive outlook

Saying, “Today is going to be better than it was yesterday “

Believing, “I’m going to find that opportunity” 

Knowing, “I’m going to meet that person that’s going to change my life” 

Being, excited about meeting that person who’s going to come alongside side of you and complete your life.

When you begin to think positive thoughts, you start to look for them in your everyday life. It gives you solace knowing that you are working towards something.  It may not be exactly how you thought, but that’s the beautiful thing about life. It’s full of surprises and unexpected blessings.  Look for them daily and the hidden opportunities. Ask God to open your life and allow you not to miss the things that he has for you; the beauty that you need to experience in life. Anytime I go on vacation I always ask God to bless me to meet the person or people that I’m supposed to meet that will change my life. This time I was met with some much needed solitude and an abundance of peace. Be blessed


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