The Journey Begins

“Table For One

Table for one again

she might be alone today

But not forever she has found her soul mate

She thought her loneliness was over

In fact it was just the beginning

Was this a mistake

She experienced him in a way

That would ensure a happy ending

Was this a mistake

What she didn’t know

Was he was not yet hers to keep

She would have to walk through the storm

To prove that the love was deep

She questioned God

Why would you do this to me

Give me a treasure that I cannot keep

I’ve waited so long

To have someone I can call my own

I’m thinking why

As I sit all alone

I want him

And he wants me

I have to be patient just wait and see

He is faithful, I will see

And when its time

You will release him to me

Deep in love

And one we shall be

~Ariston CM

This poem is in my newest book “Poetry’s Love Song” Coming Later This Month…..


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